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ReAssign Your Mind

Discover and illuminate your creative skills, while engaging in person and reinforcing positive vibes using the vehicle of the arts Colloquium Depot, Ltd., welcomes Career Visual Artist/Master Teaching Artist, Aleathia Brown, as she conducts a 3-workshop series, REASSIGN YOUR MIND, in an intergenerational environment. The series is designed to discover, encourage, and illuminate your creative skills by reinforcing positive vibes, […]

BxNet Interview

El Taller Latino Americano Written by: J.Maya Luz For artist, Aleathia Brown, creativity is more than a way to share personal expression, it is a path of spirituality, a connection to God, a litmus test by which she gages her growth as a soul. Her vision is a poetic stream of realization that has been conceived by a lifetime of […]

Coloring and Time Stressmelt

During a PandemicAny Weather EventOver-saturation of TelevisionEye Fatigue onlineFrustrations There is Light at the distanceColoring for children of All agesResets the brainPromotes flushing of organsActivates the Brain like a warm Up exercise does for the body I’ve illustrated 25 pages intentionally to keep you activeOn 9″ x 12″ 20lbs. paper specifically to expand your eye viewI printed the illustrations on […]