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Unveiled Unlocked is an ongoing movement that provides an invitation to dialogue and offers people an opportunity to expand their perception of the “beauty code.”

Unveiled Unlocked empowers women and men to adorn their heads from the inside out with historical references that can add value and entrepreneurship, awareness and a voice to speak truth of what they know as well as impacting positively how they feel.


Women and men of color are underrepresented and our purpose is to offer a variety of forums, exhibitions and programs to enlighten, educate and celebrate bare head (HAIR-FREE) women and men.

Each of us has a story, a unique quality and a special way of sharing who we are.

In addition to the discussions & theatrical forums we provide community richness through difficult conversations about image, self love, being hair to hair free and illuminating the men who love bare head women. We work with Naturopathic Doctors around wellness options for those by no choice having hair loss. Hair Freedom is unattached to hair as our identity, value, beauty!

Through literature and live discussions we unveil the story behind being the bare head individual; unlocking the mind helps heal the pains that block us from being fully ourselves.

Culturally we empower women to adorn their heads from the inside out we include men and embrace their discord around hair loss. Being on the other end of the beauty spectrum has equal value, beauty and relevance.

By presenting a variety of women and men in the spectrum of ages with bare or partially bare heads we give exposure and normalize their visual and spiritual beauty.

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Aleathia Brown


“Unveiled Unlocked”

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