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  • Dot Funk ss

    Dot Funk


  • Calypso ss



  • Earth Base Color ss

    Earth Base Color


  • Eye Time ss

    Eye Time


  • Butter Relief moisterizer Aleathias Art

    Butter Relief Moisturizer


    Moisturizer and skin healer. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Aloe Vera. Treats skin; Dry, Dehydrated, soothes sores, softens calluses, maintains scalp and is a hair conditioner. Calms, relaxes, relieves  dehydrated skin and replenishes softens skin & hair. Good for arthritis stiff joints, reduces inflammation. Protects skin in sun exposed environment. Coats skin in cold environments.

  • after shower soother Aleathias Art

    After Shower Soother


    Sultry scented uni-sexed body oils blended with vitamin E oil, Shea butter, minerals, scented oils, olive oils. After shower soothing is rich layered to last on the body all day. Use on wet or slightly moist skin after bathing for best results.

  • Aleathia Brown Products

    Cayenne Butter Lg


    Calms, relaxes, relieves and replenishes poor circulation. Good for arthritis pains and aches, stiff joints, reduces inflammation, improves range of motion also edible for sore throats and sinus congestion. Best to use a pinch on the back of the tongue and swallow, wait 30 min before eating or drinking to allow Cayenne Butter Relief to target what ails you.
    ** Warning: Cayenne Pepper has a fiery action, may cause discomfort to eyes, rinse with cool water, will not damage eyes, will not stain fabric; simply was with soapy water to remove from garments.

  • Jazz Mood wearable cloth Aleathias Art

    Jazz Mood


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