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Aleathia’s Original Artworks was established in 1989. My artistic journey has included engaging, inspiring, sharing and transforming lives through visual storytelling & difficult conversations between genders, generations, cultures etc.

My clientele includes: Berkeley College Business School NYC, Brooklyn campus & White Plains NY, New York Public Libraries including: New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Aguilar East Harlem, 96th Street, branches, West Las Vegas NV Public Library, Left of Center Gallery Las Vegas NV, MTA Madison Headquarters & 2 Broadway Headquarters, Harlem Arts Alliance, Cushman & Wakefield Executive/support team, The City College of New York, & NYCHA Employees, Seniors and Youth


I am Aleathia Brown a career Visual Artist/Art Educator. I am introducing and inviting your company to my Art@Work  Program 

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Art is the vehicle for change and uplifts people. It impacts and invites new perspectives that inform behavior and is the bridge that connects difference inviting the diversity in everyone.  

Art@Work is a diversity initiative infused with a stress melt program providing interactive art making sessions in the work place. When we share cultural experiences and differences while making art and ingesting music Adults relax begin creating, enjoy being in a safe familiar place learning about fellow coworkers and building new bridges with meaning & purpose.


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