Covid-19 Relief

During a Pandemic
A Winter Weather Event
Over-saturation of Television
Eye Fatigue online

There is Light at the distance
Coloring for children of All ages
Resets the brain
Promotes flushing of organs
Activates the Brain like a warm Up exercise does for the body

I’ve illustrated 25 pages intentionally to keep you active
On 9″ x 12″ 20lbs. paper specifically to expand your eye view
I had the printings on paper that colored pencils and paint will receive well
larger illustrations relieve eye fatigue to your eyes
Space on portions of pages invites YOU to add details (permanent black marker not included/sold in dollar stores)

As an artist knowing the value of materials are like tools
Well made ones make for greater results

I created COLORING and TIME
NOT just to sell a product but to gift an experience far more internally rewarding and lifting than a dollar amount can be

Order yours
Frame what you do
Be inspired to really make time to take your time coloring beyond simply wanting to finish the page

Set Includes:
25 illustrations
Set colored pencils
Mini Sharpener

Shipping/Handling separate
Messenger me
Email me
Aleathia Brown

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